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Live Large, Baby!
Jeffery Byrd, Coral Short, Steve Vanoni, Chen Jin + more

[Cedar Rapids+Montreal

"Livin' Large, Baby!"

Friday, March 12
8:30 - 11:30 pm
Free & we appreciate a $5 donation

6 original performances
+ live accordion
Steve Vanoni portrait
by Jesse Vasquez

Tonight we have a surprise guest: Chen Jin from Open Art Festival [Beijing, China]

Living large everyday, we are excited to present the following international performance artists:

Jeffery Byrd [Cedar Falls, Iowa]

Steve Vanoni [Sacramento, CA]

Coral Short [Montreal, Canada]

+ two other guest artists from Beijing

Cedar Rapids, iowa

Jeffery Byrd is a performance and video artist who has presented work all over the globe. He has exhibited in over 75 group exhibitions and 15 solo exhibitions, and has performed at such notable venues as Lincoln Center in New York and the Institute of Contemporary Art in Boston. Byrd has participated in performance and video festivals in major cities throughout the US and in Germany, Switzerland, Poland, Columbia, Mexico, Italy and the UK.

Byrd is a frequent lecturer at art schools and universities, including: Parson�s School of Design in New York, University of the Arts in Philadelphia, the School of the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston and the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. His work has been featured in various books published by Brown & Benchmark, Simon & Schuster, Routledge Press and Rizzoli International.


Sacramento, CA

I have been creating a lot of PERFORMANCE ART over the past several years utilizing a mechanism known as the PULSE JET!!!
... it is a highly EXPLOSIVE!!! and exciting device that I use to BLAST!!! paint on to NAKED HUMAN forms and a bunch of other FUN, SEX & DANGER!!! ACTIONS as well...
Check Out: for Performance VIDEOS.
The PULSE JET!!!! is LOUD!!!! and can be heard up to 1 mile a way.

PERFORMANCE ART has taken me to some wonderful countries and allowed me to work with some amazing International PERFORMANCE ARTists ...
The Horsecow's first 5 years originated specializing in Gallery Exhibitions of Art Brut, Outsider Art, Contemporary Southern Folk Art, Art Cars, Self Taught Art, Performance Art and large quarterly Cultural HAPPENINGS/EVENTS and has since evolved into an enclave of 10 artist's studios on a 3 acre site, located on the banks of the majestic Sacramento River.

Steve Vanoni

Montreal, QC, Canada

Coral Short was born on a beautiful island off the west coast of Canada and was raised by a lively river in the countryside where her immigrant family lived off the land.

She now divides her time between New York and Montreal spiced up occasionally with the sunny climes Berlin and London. Her art casts magic spells on her audiences enabling them to understand that many fantastical realities can and do happen at any given moment.
She spends a fair amount of time spreading her enchantment around the globe in the air, on railroad tracks and highways. Short has many beloved people, communities and locations that she calls home. Short and her many projects move at the speed of light; ironically she is the most still when she travels. Wishes: chocolate, patrons, teleportation.

Coral Short:

Beijing, China

Chen Jin is a performance artist, from the beginnings of performance art in the East Village, Beijing in the late 1990's, and he is the organizer of the annual Open International Performance Art Festival in Beijing, China.
When the Open Festival began in 1999, it was a clandestine event, moving everyday to a new undisclosed location. Eventually, the artists were caught and arrested. Upon their release, the festival continued, and still continues very year.
Last summer, the Open International Performance Art Festival celebrated its 10th year with a 2-month long festival presenting over 400 performance artists from around the world.
Grace Space participated in the Beijing festival, with local NYC artists: Rodney Dickson [USA/Ireland], Peter Dobill, Myk Henry [USA/Ireland], Erik Hokanson, Marni Kotak, Jill McDermid, Sarah Paulson & Holly Faurot, Mark Lawrence Stafford, Yoko Toda, Matt White

Chen JIn:


Grace Exhibition Space is run & curated by Jill McDermid, Erik Hokanson and Viki Wang Hua.

This year, we welcome guest curator: Peter Dobill

We also run the ALICE CHILTON GALLERY for Performance Art Documentation
- Featuring performance art documentation: limited-edition prints, videos and artifacts
plus live performances during regular gallery hours

147 Roebling Street
Williamsburg, Brooklyn 11211

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