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PERTE DE SIGNAL [Montreal, QC Canada]

Friday, November 6
8:30 - 10:30

dj from 8:30-9:30
Performance at 9:30

BOLD [Montreal, QC, Canada]
Bellavance, D'Orion, Bernier

BOLD is an audio performance series by artists from the group Perte de Signal. Inspired by research on games, Alexis Bellavance, Nicolas Bernier and �rick D"Orion explore the possibilities of interaction between each other. Through bloody duels, solitary marches and cut-throat trios, they impose their actions as would characters in a Spaghetti Western. Indeed, therein lies the catachresis of BOLD; it is a movie for the ears, a fictitious soundtrack worthy of cowboy kinetics. From silence to explosion, from long shot to close-up, from well-oiled machinery to haphazard mechanics, from abstract landscape to concrete scenery, from impulsive action to languorous reflection... the language is one of extremes.

The project is in keeping with the mission of the organization � known for its art interventions where content is deployed in situ, that is, art happening in the space, place or context through the artists� performances. This approach wishes to explore the creative act in its diffusion environment.

Perte de Signal

Perte de Signal is a media arts research and development centre. Taking different forms � from digital disk production to site-specific immersive installations �, the projects attempt to reconsider how digital works are presented. The non-profit organization also manages a structure that provides professional services to its community, including artist representation, production of artworks and events, equipment rental, curatorship, mentorship, networking, publishing, advocacy for artist rights, ancillary support for improving artist�s socioeconomic conditions and promoting media arts.

Perte de


Alexis Bellavance studied at the visual art and media art school of the Quebec University in Montreal (UQ�M) and is a member of the collective Perte de Signal since 2003,. His works explore the phenomenon of perception through the filter that is the human body. In grasping the reality and his reverse, he privileged the performance and audio art. His works has been exposed in many places in Canada, in Europe and in Asia. He is a member and cofounder of the collective P�riph�riques and cofounder of the performance festival VIVA! Art action. The artist suggests various glances, different pauses where we can follow his observations and his thoughts, which are deep-rooted with his experience of the reality. Sounds, vibrations, images are seized and fixed, X-rayed on mediums to be transformed. Alexis Bellavance inverts details and amplifies them. He contextualizes, reinterpret, modify and change their textures. He is interested among other things to residuals that inhabit each humans, to living moments that the memory carry out, to natural phenomena that we confront each days, and even all these moments that are encrusted and marked our sensitive experience. Sometimes, it�s a simple movement, we follow steps, approach our eyes to an opening of an eyepiece, to give sense to the work, using it. Because on one hand, there is what it is shown and on another hand what a hearing or a glance could extract. A visual and auditory rhythm sketched from recorded materials, offered to our perception if we could ever stop for a moment. The artist work that way the innocuous, and transfigure the details that, at the end, set the world off. He seized all these signals that come to us and his gesture consist in stopping them to retransmit it or even revealing them � transmuted.


Self-taught musician, audio artist and composer, �rick D�Orion has been living in Qu�bec since 1993.

The audio research of �rick D�Orion is concentrated in large part on digital maximalism and closely related to noize, musique concr�te and, curiously, free jazz and electroacoustic! That research is expressed by way of improvisations in shows and recordings through morceaux_de_machines, a duet created by �rick with A_dontigny.

�rick�s solo work consists more and more in an exploration of two different spheres: audio, electronic and media art, on the one hand, and musical creation, on the other hand. The bulk of �rick�s research focuses on audio, electronic and media art. He uses among other things telecommunications such as cell phone technology, and the various surfaces in our environment. �rick is greatly inspired by art history (futurism, automatism, actionism, etc.), visual arts (Duchamp, Boticelli, Borduas�), cinema (Ferrera, Kubrick, Morin, Snow) and litterature (Vonnegut, Burgess, Gauvreau, crime fiction and cartoons). He is a huge fan of Sun Ra; he already did one project on the artist, with more to come�
The second sphere of �rick�s solo work is more musical and playful. Influenced by dub and hip-hop, those creations are totally independent from the others.

�rick D�Orion has worked with a great number of artists and on numerous projects, in various regions on Canada and several foreign countries.

He did communication and distribution work for the artist center Avatar in Qu�bec and for the label No Type in Montr�al. He created and supervised a series of workshops on media arts for 14-year olds; he has given workshops and conferences on electronic and audio art creation; and he has acted as executive coordinator and artistic director in more than twenty shows with the now defunct collective �Machines: abstractions sonores �lectroniques.�
�rick D�Orion is a joyful epicurean.

�rick D'Orion:


Nicolas Bernier has been initiated to musical creation through popular music. His curiosity quickly brought him to electroacoustic composition, which he studied at the University of Montreal in the classes of Robert Normandeau and Jean Pich�. His love of experimentation inspired him to develop acousmatic composition, live electronics, installation and video art as well as music for dance and cinema. In the midst of this eclecticism, however, his artistic concerns remain constant: the balance between the cerebral and the sensual and between organic sound sources and digital processing. An inspired artist, he created the duo Milliseconde topographie in 2004 alongside composer Delphine Measroch. In 2006, he also created the artist collective Ekumen. He has won many awards for his works that have been broadcast in many festivals such as L�espace du son (Belgium), Akousma (Canada), DotMov Festival (Japan) et Transmediale (Germany).

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