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Guest Curators: "Situation Zero - Travis McCoy Fuller / Ryan Riehle (US)": #3 Paul Waddell; Miles Pflanz; o+; C.I.A.S.S #9

Saturday, November 24
9:00- 11:00PM
$10 Suggested Donation

Paul Waddell

Paul Waddell is a visual/performance artist who lives and works in Southern California. Paul graduated from the school of the Museum of fine arts Boston with a diploma in studio practice and a fifth-year certificate. Since 2007 Paul Waddell has enjoyed teaching Drawing and Painting at the Idyllwild Arts Academy. Recent career highlights include performing at the 10th annual Open performance Festival in Beijing, China, performances at the Waterloo Center for the Arts, in “Yard Sale” at Mobius, Boston, the Thanksgiving special “I love Massachusetts, Massachusetts, Massachusetts, Massachusetts me” (in which he lived with a live turkey for three days) at MEME gallery, Cambridge, Massachusetts, and speaking engagements at UCLA (on painting) and at the University of Northern Iowa (on performance art). Paul presented paintings at the Lamontagne gallery in Boston, in 2008. Paul’s performance work has been written about in the Boston Dig, Art Papers, Beijing Today and TimeOut Boston, as well as various blogs.


o+ (Joey Asal & Vela Phelan)

o+ is a noise/sludge duo were sonic vibrations and video are used to enhance the secret tremors inside ourselves.


C.I.A.S.S. #9



Miles Pflanz

Miles Pflanz is a sculptor in NY, NY. A boxing coach and YouTube celebrity, his work has been exhibited at numerous venues in the past few years. He currently curates at the recently opened Fitness Center for Arts and Tactics.