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NON GRATA presents:Dance Tone Q- Amber Lee and William Patrick [Chicago]; Arianne Foks [France]; Joseph Ravens [Chicago]; Gim Gwang Cheol (Korea); Carlos Gonzalez [Oregon]

Friday, November 16
9:00 - 11:00 pm
$10 Donation

Dance Tone Q- Amber Lee and William Patrick [Chicago]

Dance Tone Q is an artist collective dedicated to solidifying the world around us through acts of aesthetic excellence. Life exists mired by instability. By adding to an ongoing dialogue of the human condition we hope to explore and examine this volatility. Applying formalist attention to visual elements, and drawing on art history and personal narrative we aim to create a moment of visual intimacy with the audience. Dance Tone Q believes in absolute freedom, in the strength of a visceral experience and in the possibilities of the visual. The collective also believes in the power of the human body to create moments of intellectual meaning and understanding between individuals. We aim to harness this power in our explorations.

Amber Lee has a background in theatre and recently started a career in performance art. She has performed in Chicago and Europe and recently finished a tour with Non Grata.
William Kendall has a degree in art history from Eastern Illinois University. William and Amber have both worked with Defibrillator as Directors of Artist Hospitality.

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Amber Lee

Joseph Ravens [Chicago]

I aim to project energy and images with abundant focus. Through various hybrids of visual art, dance, and theater, I devise highly stylized situations in which images and actions coalesce to produce decidedly poetic, often conceptual, narratives. I strive to challenge expectations and champion a dialogue between art forms. Pre-established artistic disciplines serve as points of departure for blending the abstract with the concrete.
Expectation, seduction, surprise, and illusion are common devices within my work. I’m interested in the idiosyncratic systems we develop to effectively navigate our complex world. Touching on subjects such as materialism, insatiability, conformity, and alienation, my performances reflect a struggle to find pattern and purpose within an imposing and random universe.

The human form is essential to my work. Nude, adorned, or enhanced with wearable sculpture, my body serves to activate objects and environments or personify intangible ideas. A keen interest in site-specificity and performance in non-traditional places has led me to present works in hay fields, school buses, closets, and rooftops. I enjoy showing work in unique locations as much as I do in professional theaters or galleries of art. My images and ideas are designed to have impact while at the same time embracing depth, resonance, and artistic integrity.
Joseph Ravens creates time-based art works that encompass text, movement, installation, technology, costume, and object. He completed his undergraduate degree in theater at the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater; studied audio/visuals at the Gerrit Rietveld Academie in Amsterdam, Netherlands; and is a graduate of The School of the Art Institute of Chicago with an MFA in Performance Art. Ravens is a recipient of the Illinois Arts Council Fellowship for Interdisciplinary/Performance Art, the Illinois Arts Council Fellowship for New Performance Forms, and an Artist Project grant in New Performance Forms from the Illinois Arts Council.

Joseph Ravens

Arianne Foks [France]

Arianne Foks (born 1982) is a multidicsiplinary artist, she creates performances, installations, drawings. As she adapts her work to the space, she defines it as a site specific working process. Her research is made out of words, colors, rhythm, architecture, partners, pop-culture, folklore, personal mythology…
She adapts her work to the context, the space, the local environment, it's a response to what she analyse. That's why she tries to move around, walking without any destination in an unknown city. Being able to collect images, local habits and folklore to integrate them into her work, using it as a way of shaping her own identity. Her work deals with identity, and focuse on the question of desire, how desire produces a new body.
Over the past 3 years she has been showing her work around Europe and the USA, in exhibitions and International Performance Art Festivals in Paris, Milano, Berlin, New York, Chicago, and Helsinki among others.

Arianne Foks

Carlos Gonzalez [Oregon]

Carlos is a practicing performance artist born and raised in Portland Oregon. Received his BFA in painting from the Paciļ¬c Northwest College of Art(PNCA) in 2010. Carlos presents intimate performances that explore barriers and secret byways of communication. Examining the knot of personal identity through abstracted acts of sport, Gonzalez offers his body as a source and site of meaning, making physical the semiotic barriers that criss-cross daily existence. Has previously performed at Carhole Gallery, Appendix Project Space, BoatSpace12128 , Half/Dozen, RECESS & Extra Extra. And has also been featured in international performance festivals such as Low Lives, ITINERANT and PICA's Time Based Art Festival.

Gim Gwang Cheol [Korea] (pictured below)

Graduation Jeonnam University .College of Fine Arts .Major of Western Painting Art



Performance Art

2010 Table Domino / Pickup Unit 1 Gallery , 798 Art Zone , Beijing , CHINA
2010 Physical Power Plant ; the Paper /, Quebeck CANADA , Songzhang , CHINA Jeonju, KOREA , POLAND , New York .USA
2009 Memory Loading ; Babel 1st solo performance art exhibition . Gwangju . KOREA & Beijing . CHINA


Grace Exhibition Space opened in 2006 and is devoted exclusively to Performance Art. We offer an opportunity to experience visceral and challenging performance works by the current generation of international performance artists, whether emerging, mid career or established. Being a Brooklyn loft, our events are presented on the floor, not on a stage, dissolving the boundary between artist and viewer. We believe this is how performance art is meant to be experienced.

"On each night, and in each performance, the human body is redeemed from the mundane and made anew." David Lagaccia, Williamsburg Greenpoint News+Art (June, 2012)

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