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NON GRATA presents: Philip Luddite and Sami Maalas [Denmark/Finland]; Triste Sire [Finland]; Rosabelle Selavy [USA]; Lys-Ange LeBlanc [Quebec]; and music by Reece Cox

Friday, November 9
9:00 - 11:00 pm
$10 Donation

At Grace Exhibition Space, Anonymous Boh’s program collects together the diversity of live art from the Big Apple and from all over the world: America, Europe, Asia and Africa. During Anonymous Boh’s residency, he will present a live performance art event every Friday night. During the rest of the week, the performers will be taking over the rest of the city. Be ready to meet things you’re never ready for, Wild Visuals, Weird Sounds, Crazy Actions, Unexpected Results, Political Statements, and Even More! Squatting personal and public space -­‐ physically, virtually, mentally.

Philip Luddite and Sami Maalas [Denmark/Finland]

Philip Luddite born 1971 has started performing as a solo artist since 2003. His informal non academic approach towards art found many different expressions such as painting, sculpting, filmmaking, and collage, before he started to explore the performative medium. His performances are characterised by ritualistic actions and the symbols he uses often point towards collective social contexts. His performances try to stimulate the senses in unforseen ways, also targeting the audience's subconscious.

Philip Luddite Performance
Philip Luddite's Collage Book

Since May 2012 and the beginning of IFA, his interest has shifted permanently to collaborative forms of expression, for their richnes in possibilities and potential to be effective, as well as for the fact that the collective approach takes a different form than the individual expression of a solo artist.
Performance in Grace Exhibition Space in collaboration with Wisa Knuuttila (FIN) video and Timo Viialainen (FIN) sound. Also performing with Sami Maalas.

Sami Maalas:

Triste Sire [Finland]

Poet, commenting on contemporary human condition in historical context of 1900 century european national-romantic tragedy. Uses visual apps like blood fire and stone to create feeling of certain seriousness. Commenting contemporary existential/ideological human condition by means of guitar drone and reciting.

Rosabelle Selavy [USA]

Rosabelle is a performance and burlesque artist:
“When I was 13 I lived really close to to Disneyworld and went every weekend. I think I’ve been inspired creatively from being in this weird place where there are always mermaids, fairies and mascots. I grew up thinking I could be a mermaid or some other make believe character like my gorillas. I think the fairy tales inspired me but it’s more real to me if I could make it go wrong somehow . . . more perverted than I think fairly tales really are. Burlesque has allowed me to do that” (

Rosabelle's Facebook

Lys-Ange LeBlanc [Quebec]

Lys-Ange LeBlanc is a french-canadian interdisciplinary artist and he started performance art when he was seventeen years old under the wing of Paul Grégoire at the art-performance event “Déranger l’Espace 3” in 2003. For him, performance is the possibility of acknowledging time consumption. Fluxoff-Space. He always instigate his performances having in mind that the audience is the medium.

Lys-Ange LeBlanc

Reece Cox [USA]

Reece Cox is an artist from North Carolina currently stationed in Brooklyn, ny. Cox work in a variety of media ranging from sound, sculpture, painting, performance, and video. Coxs work wrestles with issues Cox’s recent work explores cultural, societal and environmental contradictions to expose errors and lapses in human logic within culture and the individual.